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5 Kitchen Design Tips

When it comes to designing a kitchen, there are lots of things to consider from layouts and your lifestyle to cabinetry and colours. Our guide below highlights some key points to consider.

1. Take time to understand your space

If you’ve just moved into a new property, make sure you take the time to understand your new space so that you have chance to make sure your design meets your lifestyle requirements. A design is only great if it’s practical as well as beautiful.

2. Be space savvy

Kitchens are often demonstrated in larger rooms, but clever storage can free up floor space in a small area. Larder storage is ideal to store ironing boards, hoovers and mops. U-shaped drawers around sink areas can be great for keeping cleaning products hidden from sight.

3. Finalise your floorplan

Planning your floorspace for maximum storage, ease of access and flow is really important in determining your final plan. We can help you to visualise your kitchen, and make any slight changes to help you understand exactly how your kitchen will look without ever having to leave home.

4. Create a show stopper

Creating a signature piece in your room will add a premium effect to your design. These personal touches will make your room one of a kind and can take the shape of a floating dining area, open shelving, or a wrap-around counter.

5. Light it up

Changing the lighting in your kitchen can have a dramatic effect on the finished kitchen. Think about how you might want to change the lighting on an evening, and how you can complement the natural light that enters the room. Lights under the surface of your worktop are a huge trend at the moment, as are up-lighters on the top of wall cabinets.


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