Kitchen Storage Stars

Increasing storage space is the number one priority for the majority of our customers. We've listed our five top ways to increase storage space and counter space at the same time, leaving more space to cook, bake and dance round your kitchen.

1. Clever corners

If you have either a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen then you most likely have a corner unit too. Corner units can be a struggle and annoying to get into due to the awkwardness of being in a corner and ‘hidden’ away but we have some handy pull-outs to help you use them effectively.
You can be forgiven for imagining something a little old fashioned when you think of corner storage. This LeMans corner pull out helps utilize the hard-to-reach corner spaces while looking sleek at the same time. The sides are high enough to stop veg from straying over the edge, and the independent pull-out shelves make this storage unit completely ideal for corner blanks!

2. Pull-out heroes

For narrow units in particular, reaching the back of your cupboard can be an absolute nightmare. We can help you make pesky storage space easily accessible with a range of larder and base unit pull outs.

3. Extend your wall units

Depending on the height of your ceiling, there may be more space to consume above your wall units. Because we build units to specific measurements it’s straightforward for us to make use of the space.
Porter Gloss White 1

4. Adjustable cutlery trays

The size and range of cutlery we have varies massively from one house to the next, and therefore so should your cutlery tray. These adjustable cutlery trays make it easy to efficiently make space for all of your cutlery, while looking clean and minimal at the same time.
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5. Shallow larders

A cleverly placed shallow larder unit can be the perfect place to store cups, plates and glassware. Often placed at the end of a worksurface run, they hide clutter and provide a great storage space.


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